Green Day


Green Day

Key: B

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	        INTRODUÇÃO: B F# Em E - 2x

   B              Em     E      B       Em  E  
I don't know you but I think I hate you         
    B               Em     E   F#
You are the reason for my misery                            
   B               Em      E      B     Em  E
Strange now you become my biggest enemy
B              Em    E         F#
And I've never even seen your face 
A Em B B' Maybe it's just jealousy A Em B B' Mixing up with a violent mind A Em B A circumstance that doesn't make much sense A Em B F# Em E | B F# Em E Or maybe I'm just dumb
B Em E B Em E You are the cloud hanging out over my head B Em E F# Hail comes crashing down welting my face B Em E B Em E Magic man, egocentric plastic man B Em E F# Yet you still got one over on me (REFRÃO) PONTE/FINAL: B F# Em E - 2x | F# ...I'm a chump... F# - 4x | F# E' - 4x | F#

Written by Billie Joe Armstrong, Frank E. Iii Wright, Frank Edwin Wright Iii, Michael Pritchard, Mike Dirnt, Mike Ryan Pritchard, Tre Cool

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