Green Day


Green Day

Key: C

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           C G  D

Parte A:
  G C  G    C G  D

Parte B:
  C G  C G  C G  D

Parte C:
 C G  C G  A    D   

Intro; A x3; B ; C ; A x4; B ; C ; A x4; B ; C ; acaba com acorde G

=== Letra ===

Mom and Dad don't look so hot these days
They're getting over the hill
Death is closing in and catching up
As far as I can tell
Got a plan of action and cold blood
And it smells of defiance
I'll just wait for Mom and Dad to die
And got my inheritance
Now I want more
'Cause I'm getting bored
And I'm going nowhere fast
I was once filled with doubt
Now it's all figured out
Nothing good can last
Crows feet and rot are setting in
And time is running out
My parent's income interest rate
Is gaining higher clout
I'm a snot nosed slob
Without a job
And I know I damn well should
Mom and Dad don't look so hot these days
But my future's looking good
Contribuição: Eduardo Henrique([email protected])

Written by Billie Joe Armstrong/Green Day

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