Green Day


Green Day

Key: Em

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Em G Ashley are you running around? D A Are you crying out in bloody murder? Em G Ashley are you bumming around? D A You're crying on my cold shoulder
verse 1: Em G D Em You used to dangle my heart with your puppet strings Em G D B You dangled your desires right in front of my face Em G D Em You led me to the well but wouldn't let me drink Em G D Em Swallowing my pride I never even got the taste
C G D Em But time comes around and I'm not so naive C G D Em I finally lost touch 'cause you're so out of reach C G D Em You say that you're fine but I know that you ain't C G B You're looking like hell and you're no fucking saint
Chorus x2 Bridge: D Em You are where you are D Em A wish on a shooting star C G D You are a filthy thought in my memory verse 2: Em G D Em I taste the cigarettes and liquor on your breath Em G D B We used to call it speed but now it's crystal meth Em G D Em Back when I loved you but you're scaring me to death Em G D Em This careless memory and now I could care less Refrain Chorus x2 Em Ashley!

Written by Billie Joe Armstrong/Green Day

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