Great Caesar

Don't Ask Me Why(Chords)

Great Caesar

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Key: G
Capo on 1st fret

One hundred years ago in a little town in Minnesota  
Em                               C 
Lived a boy who called himself McGill.  
He sat by the windowsill and dreamed until the day went still,  
    D                               C 
And in the dark he'd dream a little more.  
Then, one day, there came along  
  D                                  Am                                       Em 
A girl who sang a pretty song with a freckled face; she called herself Marie.  
She said 'Hey 'Gill you wouldn't believe  
What lies out there beyond those trees  
Would you let me take you out to see?'  

C G So pack up your bags and fly, C G You've got some living before you die. C G I've got this feeling, don't ask me why, D C Don't ask me why, don't ask me why.
G So Marie and 'Gill, they took to the hills D And climbed a hundred miles until they Em C Found a spot where they could be at ease. It was the highest point that they could see, G Rose far above the tallest trees, D C So naturally they became king and queen. G But before they'd laid their regal grounds, D The sky had darkened all around, Em C The heavens broke, and rain began to fall. The lightening cracked, the thunder clapped, G And soon the king and queen were trapped D Em On an island sinking in the rising flood. G Well poor Marie, she said, 'The end's begun! D I've always had a place to run, Em C I'm certain that this night will be our last.' But 'Gill said, 'Marie, you wouldn't believe G What lies inside of you and me. D Take my hand and we can be at peace.'
C G 'So lay down and close your eyes, C G You've got some dreaming before you die. C G I've got this feeling, don't ask me why, D C Don't ask me why, don't ask me why.
(For following verses) G C G D I promise you this too shall pass, even if this night is our last. (X2) I'm afraid that I've made a mistake choosing to stay. (X2) For forty hours the storm raged on, And Gill, he said, 'I had it wrong If we don't leave we're surely going to die.' But sweet Marie, she said, 'I see the light My dear McGill, you had it right, We just needed a little faith before we fly! Because I've dreamed of what this world could be, In all its possibility, And I'll be damned if I don't get to see. So take my hand and hold it tight, We're gonna make it out alright, Jump with me and promise to believe.' (Chorus 1 (X2)) Oh, don't ask me why...
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