Great Big Sea

Time Brings(Chords)

Great Big Sea

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Key: C
Tab By: André Nadeau-Simard ([email protected]) 
INTRO:  C    Dm    G    C  (x2) 
DmHearken to Gme both Chigh and Flow 
I`ll Dmsing for Gyou a Csong 
Of DmKings and GQueens and Crose-lipped Fmaidens 
DmCourting light foot Glads 
Now Dmlove is Ggrand when Clove is Fnew 
The Dmheart blood Git runs Cstong 
There`s Dmnothing a Gdoting Clad won`t Fdo 
To Dmkeep his princess Gwarm 
He`ll Dmtease her with Gpoems and CpromiFses 
He`ll Dmask her Gout to Cdance 
He`ll Dmcajole and he`ll Gbeg and he`ll Calways Fwin 
He`llDmbitter-sweat roCmance 

For Ctime it Dmcomes and Gtime it Cgoes It Dmmakes the strongest Ftree to Gbend DmKings and GQueens have Fno deCfence CTime brings Dmall things Gto an Cend
INTRO (1/2) But Dmhe goes Gout with his Cdrinken Fpals His Dmeyes beGgin to Crove He forDmgets all aGbout the Cbrown-eyed Fbeauty Who Dmnow sits home aGlone There`s Dmno more Gwalks down Clover`s Flane There`s Dmno more Gwine in the Csun DmAll that`s Gleft is a Chollow Fpain DmTime alas you`ve Gwon CHORUS INTRO INSTRUMENTAL: Dm F G Dm G F C INTRO Now Dmall who Gwish for Clove to Fstay And Dmlast your Gwhole life Cthrough DmKeep aGhead of Ctime me Fboys And Dmnever be unGtrue CHORUS INTRO (1/2)
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