Great Big Sea

The Ol' Black Rum(Chords)

Great Big Sea

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Key: G
G            D              G 
I drank 16 doubles for the price of one 
C                             D 
Tryin to find the courage to talk to one 
            C     G        C      G 
I asked her for a dance, not a second glance 
My night had just begun 
G                       D            G 
Well I'd drink to the father or the holy ghost 
C                                    D 
Kneeling at the alter of my nightly post 
     C     G            C      G 
And I'll raise a glass, not the first or last 
come join me in this toast 
D G 'Cause the Ol' black rum's got a hold on me C D Like a dog wrapped 'round my leg D G And the Ol' black rum's got a hold on me C D Em C Will I live for another day..hey? C D G Will I live for another day?
VERSE 3- G D G The queen of George Street just went walkin' on by C D Walkin' on by with some guy who don't care C G C G That she stood in line since half past nine D And spent three hours on her hair G D G Her friend is lookin' at me with an evil grin C D I think a bloody racket might soon begin C G C G I must have said something to the George Street queen D Now the boys are joining in. CHORUS- VERSE 4 - G D G So I drank all of my money and I slept out in the rain C D Every day is different, but the nights are all the same C G C G You never see the sun on the old black rum D And I know I'm gonna do it again. CHORUS X 2 -
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