Great Big Sea

Here And Now(Chords)

Great Big Sea

Key: Am

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verse 1 

    Am        F      C    G 
The sun must set to rise, 
    Am         F          C     G 
The light will leave your eyes again, 
     F                       C 
Then breaking like morning's dawn, 
     F                      G 
Does summer feel the winter come. 

verse 2 

The hardest part of life, 
Is to live while you're alive my friend, 
So sing an unwritten song, 
Or repent for the deeds you left undone. 
C This is Here, Am This is Now, F It's the moment that we live for, C G And we just can't live without, C Am It's all clear to me now, F We've already started dying, C G And our time is running out, F G Ooh oh ooh, F G C Ooh oh ooh, right now.
verse 3 Time is ours to steal, She's a secret to reveal my friend, And when your children have all grown, You'll wait by the window, And wish them all back home. Chorus Bridge C F G Walk a little further off the beaten path, C F G And we'll drive on even if we get there last, C F G Our backs against the wall, and we will lunge and bite, C F G And we'll rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light , Chorus (2x)
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