Great Big Sea

Excursion Around The Bay(Chords)

Great Big Sea

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Key: G

verse 1 

Well it was on this Monday morning and the day be calm and fine 
       D                                G       D      G 
To the harbour grace excursion with the boys to have a time 
                                     C               G 
And just before the sailor took the gangway from the pier 
                  C             D               G 
I saw some fellow haul me wife aboard as a volunteer 

G Oh me, oh my, I heard me old wife cry D G D G Oh me, oh my, I think I'm gonna die! C G Oh me, oh my, I heard me old wife say, C G D G 'I wish I'd never taken this excursion around the bay'
verse 2 We had fourteen hundred souls aboard, oh what a splendid sight! Left stong and regimental to make our spirits bright And meself being in the double, when a funny things they'd say They choke themselves from laughing when they'd see us in the bay Chorus verse 3 Me wife she got no better, she turned a sickly green I fed her cake and candy, fat pork and kerosene Castor Oil and sugar of candy, I rubbed pure oil on her face And I said she'll be a dandy when we reaches Harbour Grace! Chorus verse 4 My wife she got no better, my wife me darling dear The screeches from her trollear could hear in Carbonear I tried every place in Harbour Grace, Tried every store and shop, To get her something for a cure or take her to the hop Chorus Verse 5 She died below the brandy's as we were coming back We buried her in the ocean, wrapped up in a Union Jack So now I am a single man, in search of a pretty face And the woman that says she'll have me, I'm off for Harbour Grace! Chorus
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