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Key: C
C       G                 Am 
The sunrise is starting anew 
          G                    F 
But the sunrise has nothing on you 
    C                 G 
You make my days feel bright 
       Am              F 
I know everything's alright 
   C              G                F 
As long as you're right here by my side 
    C        G       Am 
But when you have to go  
      C     G        F 
I get oh so sad, you know  
C                      G 
Even when it's cloudy 
I need you around me  
Am               G            F 
Loneliness ain't in my cup of tea  
  C    G        Am 
I wish you were here 
    C         G         F 
Now that I've made that clear 
    C                    G 
This sunset reminds me of you 
     Am             G            F 
It's purple, it's pink and it's blue 
     C             G 
It's tangerine and all I need 
       Am          F 
You're all I wanna ever see 
     Am                   F 
This sunset reminds me of you 
                 Am    F  G  C 
Does it make you think of me too? 
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