Glass Tiger

My Song(Chords)

Glass Tiger

Key: Bb

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Intro: C  F  C 

C                    F 
I want to sing 'my song' 
It takes me home to 
Where I come from 
C                    F 
I want to sing 'my song' 
For you for everyone 
Bb         Eb      G5 
I feel the fire burning 
 F                  Dm 
From deep inside of me 
Eb                       G5 
But when my heart is longing 
Fear disappears 

 Bb                Eb 
And so I wait in silence 
G5    F 
Wait for a star to fall 
Dm                Eb 
I'll fly with the angels 
G5            F 
As they carry me home 

Bb Eb G5 Oh! I've left it all behind me F Bb To travel the distant roads Eb So far from my homeland G5 F Fm So far from my shores
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