Gibson Brothers

Vern's Guitar(Chords)

Gibson Brothers

Key: DE
Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: D  

D                                                                                           G  
I was waiting at the door, treasure I'd been searching for behind it  
A                                                                                                G    D  
An old woman let me in, she was eager to begin she said, ''I'll find it''  
D                                                                                                         G             Em  
She opened up a tattered case, I felt my heart begin to race, an old Martin   
Em                 A                     Em                 A   
And there we made the deal, five hundred bucks, a steal  
Em                    A             G     D  
Is it a dream or is it real, I wondered  

D                                                                                                             G  
She said, ''this was my Vern's guitar, it made him feel just like a star to play it  
A                                                                                             G     D  
And in his younger days, folks in town they were amazed to hear him  
D                                                                                                           G                   Em  
For in his hands it came to life, and I was proud to be his wife oh, the memories  
Em                    A           Em                       A   
No one plays it anyway, since that day it's not the same  
Em                          A                          G        D  
I hope that you will like to play Vern's old guitar  

Instrumental: D G A Em A G D  

D                                                                                    G  
I hadn't noticed Vern, but in the corner of that room he watched us  
A                                                                                                G   D  
He couldn't say a word, but from his look I clearly heard ''don't do this''  
D                                                                                                                   G                    Em  
Tears flowed from those sad old eyes, that guitar I'd meant to buy, oh, the memories  
Em          A                    Em                          A       
I set that flat top down, with empty hands I left that town  
Em                        A                            G         D  
Another's treasure I had found Vern's old guitar  

Outro: D  

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