George Strait

Remember The Alamo(Chords)

George Strait

Key: D

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Capo on 3rd fret
	        Transcribed by : Masayuki,  E-mail: [email protected] 
NOTE!! This tune has a 3/4 time signature.  
Intro : D  D  Em  A  D  D  Em  G(stop) G 
   D                    G 
1. Girl you were always my yellow rose 
       D                    Bm 
   And I was your one lone star 
   We always said 
      A                      G         D/F# G 
   Together till death do us part 
   D             G 
2. We had a love bigger than Texas 
   D                     Bm 
   Where is that feeling now 
         A                        G               D/F# -  G 
   It's taken some hits and some losses but it's fighting on 
   And standing somehow 
Chorus : 
      C                 G 
   Remember the man who asked for your hand 
          D                  G 
   In the moonlight of San Antone 
   C                        G                    Bm 
   There by the mission you let your position be known 
   That you loved me so          { TO CODA * }  
            G             D/F# 
   Don't forget where it started 
     Em7        A 
   Remember the Alamo 
Inst-1 : D  D  Em  A  D  D  Em  G(stop) 
      D                       G 
3. I think we can hold on and make it together 
   D              Bm 
   If we remember when 
   And get back to love 
       A                    G          D F#m G 
   The way that it was back then 
                D                  G 
4. When we were hopeless romantics needing each other 
   D                 Bm 
   Willing to take a chance 
        A                             G 
   We strolled and we talked down the ol' river walk 
   D/F# - G 
   To the heart of when it began 
Repeat Chorus 
Inst-2 : C  C  A/C#  A/C#  D  C  G  G 
Repeat Chorus 
                       G             D/F#   Em   D/F#  
    CODA * :  Don't forget where it started 
                       G             D/F# 
              Don't forget where it started 
                Em7        A    D ....... 
              Remember the Alamo 
  Masayuki         E-Mail: [email protected] 
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