George Formby

With My Little Ukulele In My Hand(Chords)

George Formby

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Key: C
(Intro)  C    G7    C 

 C               G7                         C 
Now everybody's got a crazy notion of their own 
 F                   C                  D7         G7 
Some like to mix up with a crowd, some like to be alone 
     F                          C 
It's no one else's business as far as I can see 
     D7                                          G7 
But every time that I go out the people stare at me 
With my little ukulele in my hand 
     F                          C 
Of course the people do not understand 
     G7                                   C 
Some say 'Why don't you be a scamp?, Why don't you read a book?' 
    D7                                                G7 
But I get lots more pleasure when I'm playing with me uke! 
     C                E7            Am      C7 
Of course I take no notice you can tell 
    F                                  G7 
For mother's sound advice will always stand 
             C            E7      A7              Dm 
She said 'My boy do as I say and you'll never go astray 
G7      C          G7             C    E7   A7 
If you keep that ukulele in your hand, yes, son, 
 D7         G7             C 
Keep your ukulele in your hand!' 

 C                    G7                               C 
While walking on the prom one night as peaceful as can be 
      F                    C             D7              G7 
When some young girl said 'What about a walk down by the sea?' 
     F                               C 
She said her name was Min and she'd just come for the day 
     D7                                                G7 
She looked so young and harmless that I couldn't turn away 
So with my little ukulele in my hand 
F                               C 
Me and Min we walked along the sand 
    G7                               C 
We walked along for miles without a single care or frown 
     D7                                                         G7 
But when we reached the sand dunes she said 'Come on let's sit down.' 
   C               E7              Am       C7 
I felt so shy and bashful sitting there 
           F                              G7 
'Cause the things she said I didn't understand 
                C                  E7         A7              Dm 
She said 'Your love just makes my dizzy, come on big boy get busy...' 
G7     C        G7           C    E7   A7 
But I kept my ukulele in my hand, yes, sir, 
   D7       G7           C 
I kept my ukulele in my hand! 

 C                   G7                               C 
Made up my mind that I'd get wed some eighteen months ago 
   F             C              D7                  G7 
I also bought a book about the things a boy should know 
     F                      C 
But just about a week ago I had an awful fright 
  D7                                               G7 
I had to get dressed quickly in the middle of the night 
And with my little ukulele in my hand 
         F                                C 
I went running down the street to Doctor Brand 
    G7                     C                    
It didn't take him long to get his bag of tools 
   D7                                                G7 
I held his hat and coat and let him have me book of rules 
 C               E7                 Am        C7 
Out the bedroom door he looked and smiled 
          F                                G7 
He said 'Come on in and see your wife and child.' 
    C                   E7           A7           Dm 
My heart it filled with joy, I could see it was a boy 
G7     C       G7            C    E7  A7 
For he had a ukulele in his hand, oh, baby, 
   D7      G7 
He had a ukulele 
   D7      G7 
He had a ukulele 
   D7      G7            C            G7 C 
He had a ukulele in his hand! 
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