Generation X


Generation X

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Key: D
Intro:  (guitar and drums) 
ALL IN: D / A / G F#/E (2x) Verse: D A You and me have a passion Escaping the G F# E days that go by just our desire D A Patronise a secret painted salon Let us talk G F# E about the live where the skins arent out
E A But it was O.K. It will be alright G G G G We were, we were The untouchables (at night)
D / A / G F#/E (2x) Verse: You and me while we're waitin' on a corner Share a packet of two with all the fools to savour We laughed and cried, split our sides At what they told us REPEAT Chorus: (SOLO) D / A / G F#/E (2x) D A my life blue and Ice diamonds G F# E are the line of my life C G But time strikes against us It takes some of us home Will pick our souls, Turn up in you While it sets me D D free D A All things young and new, what'll I do G F# E When you're gone too (Break) D / A / G F#/E (2x)
E A It will be alright It will be O.K. If I believe tonight If I believe the way right G G G G We were, we were The untouchables (at night)
(TO END) D / A / G F#/E (2x)
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