Gene Pitney

Summertime Dreaming(Chords)

Gene Pitney

Key: C

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	        Intro: C  F  G  (2X) 
Baby let?s do some summertime dreaming cause 
I got that summertime feeling and 
F                                  C 
I can hear the summer scene calling me 
G                  F                     C 
Baby come share my summertime dream with me 
Maybe we?ll walk or maybe we?ll take a ride 
How cares has long as you?re by my side 
On a beach by the silvery sea 
Baby come share my summertime dream with me 
That easy feeling?s everywhere 
Summertime magic?s in the air 
Happy together we?ll be there 
F		       G	 
When we get summertime dreaming 
Summertime feeling?s in the air 
Summertime magic is everywhere 
The wintertime blues will dissapear 
When we start summertime dreaming 
Verse 1 + Chorus 
by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 


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