Gary P. Nunn

Redneck Riviera(Chords)

Gary P. Nunn

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Key: A#
Capo on 3rd fret
G               C 
South of San Antonio 
D               G 
Outside Aransas Pass 
G              C 
East of Corpus Christi 
Am                     D 
You won't find it on a map 
In between the condos 
D                    G  
Those million dollar homes 
G                           C  
There's a campground on the ocean 
D                         G 
Where all the real people go 
On the Redneck Riviera 
D                      G  
Welcome to the promise land 
Unhitch the trailer from the pickup 
Am                   D 
Put a cold one in my hand 
I don't need no fancy high rise 
D                 G      Em 
I'm livin off the land 
I got all I ever need 
My family's here with me 
My castle's in the sand 
Roll out the carpet grass 
Pull the awning down for shade 
String up this jalapeno Christmas lights 
Our new home is looking great 
Pull in the ice chest and the lawn chairs 
Put on shades and sunscreen too 
Stake out a little piece of real estate 
Low monthly payments, oh what a view. 
Campfire biscuits for breakfast 
Tonight we'll Bar B Q 
Play all day along the beaches 
Just like all the rich folks do 
Tonight we're fishin' off the jetties 
Count the stars until dawn 
Hold that fishin' pole tighter son 
I think you gotta a big one on 
I think it is G C D capo third fret..... 
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