Gary P. Nunn

Austin Pickers(Chords)

Gary P. Nunn

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Key: C
      C               F 
From a flower child at old Woodstock 
      C                   G 
To an Austin picker doin' redneck rock 
C                F 
Layin it down to contemporary beat 
      C                         G           C 
While I laid back in Austin and stomp their feet 
I got a lone star hat and real short hair 
They don't like me in Nashville but I don't care 
Pickin and a-grinnin' and a- swapping songs 
Just a good old boy tryin to get along 
C F There's me and Willie and Jerry Jeff C G And Mike Murphy, Hubbard and all the rest C F Rusty Weir just doin' his thing C G C C'mon everybody won't you let them sing
Them greasy wheels keep rollin' along Till threadgills up their yodeling strong Keepin Jimmie Rodgers songs alive Hell, ??? like bees to a hive Chorus 2: There's Bill and Bonnie and Asleep at the whell And Herbert Steiner on the pedal steel Townes and ? makin' nightly rounds Well look everybody, watch 'em come around Steel solo Now all the other pickers don't you be inflamed If you didn't happen to hear your name Our DJ friends gotta do their job So 2 and one half minutes is all I got Chorus 1
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