Gary Lewis & the Playboys

Forget him(Chords)

Gary Lewis & the Playboys

Key: D

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	        D                        F#m 
Forget him if he doesn't love you 
 G                        A 
Forget him if he doesn't care 
 F#                             Bm 
Don't let him tell you that he wants you 
       E7                                 Em      A7 
'Cause he can't give you love which isn't there. 
    D                                F#m 
Oh, little girl, he's never dreaming of you 
 G                                   F#     F#7 
He'll break your heart, you wait and se.....e 
 Bm          Bm7+          Bm7 
So don't you cry now, just tell him 
    Bm6         Em           A7                 D  
Goodbye now, forget him and please come home to me. 


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