Garrison Keillor

Tishomingo Blues(Chords)

Garrison Keillor

Key: A

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Intro: D A7 

D         -         D7 
Oh, hear that old piano 
G                     D D7 
From down the avenue. 
I smell the __________, 
G7                     F#7 
I look around for you. 
       D                A#7 
Oh, my sweet, sweet, old someone 
Bm                   A#7 
Coming through that door. 
D                  A7 
It's Saturday and / the band is playing. 
(The band is playing and / I feel like staying.) 
G       -       A7            D - G7 D - A7 
Honey, could we ask for more?

Written by Garrison Keillor/Spencer Williams

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