Frankie Cosmos

Tour Good(Chords)

Frankie Cosmos

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Key: G

G        C             G       C 
I don' t know what I'm cut out for 
 G             C       G         C 
If there's anything I have love for 
Bm        C      G        C 
I throw myself upon its door 
G           Bm     C 
And tell it how fucked you are 
G      C 
Up in morning 
 Bm     C 
Down at dawn 
 G        C 
Warm up vocals 
 Bm     C 
Sing a song 
Bm  G   C 
Sit in car 
 G      C 
Read a book 
 Bm        C       G 
Rest stop eggs or chips 
  C    G        Bm   C 
I look at you every day 
    G           Bm      C 
You change, I change, hooray 
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