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Love Song To Joms Girlfriend(Chords)

Frankie Cosmos

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Key: G

G                       B 
My friend vitti used to always smoke 
C                 D 
Cigarettes out my window 
    G                          B 
But then one day she sent me a letter 
                   C        D 
Saying she moved to france 
    G              B 
She still shows up once in a while 
    C                           D 
She never has a warning but she always has a smile 
And an overcoat 
And she always smokes 
C                   D 
Cigarettes out that window 
      G          B 
I said 'vitti my girl what's the point? 
C                                D 
  while you're here you might as well smoke a joint.' 
        G                    B                  C             D 
She says she doesn't like to change the way her brain works 
G                         B 
'vitti,' i say, 'it won't be like last time. 
  C                    D 
I promise you won't go out of your mind.' she says 
G           B       C       D 
  'it's not worth a try.' 
    G                             B 
She tells me about this boy she's staying with in nice 
    C                 D                           G 
Who let her give him tattoos on his knees that match hers 
     B          C                D 
They read pippi longstocking 
G                             B 
Sometimes vitti leaves in the middle of the night 
C                    D 
  vitti really hates saying goodbyes 
           G     B  C  D 
But i don't mind 
Cause i've got this boy now 
B            C 
  who smokes cigarettes 
D        G       B 
Out that window 
         C         D 
Got this boy now 

end on G (strum whole chord)
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