Frankie Cosmos


Frankie Cosmos

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Key: A
A       C#m         F#m 
Me and Jesse stayed up ?til two 
    A             C#m          D             F#m 
We talked about dreams about things, about you 
         A    C#m                F#m 
It felt like anything could be real or fake 
          A         C#m            D       F#m 
Like our love is my world, but so is my heartache 
And I knew 
        C#m         F#m          D 
If I thought really hard about flying 
I could probably do 
        F#m       D 
It I?m just too tired for trying 

A E          D 
I created a scorpion 
A           E    Bm D 
Then had to kill it 
A     E        Bm  D 
Just like I loved you 
A            E    Bm  D 
And I had to will it 

A     E D 
To end 
          A         E              D 
?Cause I bent the rules and I?m scary 
D      E D 
My dream 
       A       E             Bm       D 
Is to see the world that I?m wearing 

A              C#m        F#m 
I?ll have to break our deepest hopes 
A      C#m    F#m  D 
They keep you in shape 
A   C#m      F#m 
Too late to explain 
A         C#m       D        F#m 
How many things of whole and good 
The mirror 
C#m       F#m           D 
Glittered all blue and silver 
But I was never 
C#m   F#m  D 
In it to begin with 

A         E        D 
I like to be a shadow 
A E       D 
A shadow 
A      E        D 
More deep when visible 
A      E       D 
Than invisible 

      A E  D 
Oh to be 
     A        E  Bm    D 
The heart of the scenery 
      A  E D 
Oh to be 
A       E   Bm   D 
Filled with apathy 
      E  D 
Oh to be 
A         E     F#m D A 
A little scared of me 
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