Frankie Cosmos

I Do Too(Chords)

Frankie Cosmos

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Key: A
verse 1 
A     C#m    D          E 
Everybody is nobody joey apologized anyway 
A        C#m           D               E 
When i stay still i can still feel my body inside of my body 
A     C#m         D             E 
I am nodding inside of my body 

D E I go to the bathroom A C#m D E Cause they all got the moves A C#m D He tries not to think of you E I do too i doo too
verse 2 A C#m D E I could be trilling if you are willing to overlook a few things A C#m D E I am crazy i have no idea what im doing!
A E D E When he thinks of you i try not to i do too A E D E A He tries not to think of you i do too!
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