Frankie Ballard

Sober Me Up(Chords)

Frankie Ballard

Key: F

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	        Intro.:  F    C  Gm   Bb 

 F                  C                        Gm 
This crazy life can mess you like a bottle of wine 
                  Bb                              F 
Too much is gonna get you drunk and cloud up your mind 
                   C                       Gm 
Chasing all these dreams down sure keep me strong 
                   Bb                      F 
Lately I've been stumbling around out of control 
Am                                         F 
Well I've been running low love and high on living 
Am                                     F 
Baby I need you to come and stop the room from spinning 

         C                  Gm 
Sober me up, bring me back down 
           Am              F 
Help set my feet on solid ground 
           C                 Gm 
Settle my soul with just one touch 
         Am                 F                  F   C   Gm   Bb 
Clear my head let your sweet love sober me up 

                 C                            Gm 
Well I can get carried away and take things too far 
                         Bb                           F 
Trying to find myself an easy fix puttin' band aids on scares 
               C                    Gm 
I need to snap out of this state that I'm in 
              Bb                             F 
Remember what matters get the facts straight again 
Am                                               F 
And baby when you kiss me all the demons seem to disappear 
Am                                                  F 
Girl its scaring me to think about where I'd be without you here 

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