Francesca Battistelli


Francesca Battistelli

Key: C#m

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verse 1 : 
 C#m A E  
Life is like a trampoline 
 C#m A E 
 It lifts me up and lets me down 
 C#m A E  
It's not the safest place to be 

 F#m B 
 But there's one thing that I have found 
 C#m B A  
When my feet leave the ground 

E A I'm falling into Your arms C#m7 A You're my Savior, You're my Savior E A Oh how You captured my heart E A You're my Savior
verse 2 : C#m A E In between the earth and sky C#m A E I try to test the gravity C#m A E Sometimes I feel like I can fly F#m B Then suddenly I lose all hope C#m B A As I face the world alone Bridge : F#m7 Bsus4 I know I'm only human at my best E E7/D 'Cause I've tried to fly alone with no success A/C# Bsus4 B I need You, I need You

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