Francesca Battistelli

Run To Jesus(Chords)

Francesca Battistelli

Key: F#

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Capo on 2nd fret

 (Key: F#) 

E - A - E - A 

verse 1 
Hey, lonely 
Hey, sad eyes 
Hey, you who needs some sunshine 
E                                 A 
All you gotta do is open up the blinds  

Hey, worry 
Hey, heartache 
Help is not that far away 
E                  A 
Just open up your eyes 

He?ll be there 
He?ll be there every time 

A E When you?re all out of heart and out of hope C#m B And you don?t really know which way to go A E B Come on, come on, run to Jesus C#m B A E If you?re lost and you don?t know where to start C#m B It don?t really matter where you are A E B Come on, come on, come on, yeah, A - E - C#m - B A - E - B Run to Jesus, run to Jesus
verse 2 E Do you know that your story A E Starts and ends with mercy A And it?s waiting in His arms E ?Cause He knows what you?re feeling A E So don?t you stop believing A He?s got you right where you belong Chorus Bridge A E When you?ve reached the end of every road C#m B And you?re a million miles from home A E B That?s when you run, run to Jesus A E When the clouds have covered up the sun C#m B And your strength is all but gone A E That?s when you run, that?s when you run, B That?s when you run Chorus Outro A E C#m When you?ve reached the end of every road B A - E - B - A Just run to Jesus

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