Francesca Battistelli

If Were Honest(Chords)

Francesca Battistelli

Key: G

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Capo on 3rd fret



G   C   G   C 

verse 1: 

G                       C 
Truth is harder than a lie 
G                          C 
Dark seems safer than the light 
G               C                   Em   D 
Everyone has a heart that loves to hide 
G                      C 
I?m a mess and so are you 
             G                    C 
We?ve built walls nobody can get through 
Yeah it may be hard 
         C                 Em       D 
But the best thing we ever do, ever do 

C Bring your brokenness G And I?ll bring mine C G ?Cause love can heal what hurt divides C Em Am And mercy is waiting on the other side G C If we?re honest G C If we?re honest
verse 2: G C Don?t pretend to be something that you?re not G C Living life afraid of getting caught G There is freedom found C When we lay our secrets down Em At the cross D At the cross Repeat Chorus Em B7 And it?ll change our lives G/B And it will set us free A7 It?s why we need to be Repeat Chorus

Written by Francesca Battistelli/Jeff Pardo/Molly E. Reed

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