Fanny Crosby

Near The Cross(Chords)

Fanny Crosby

Key: D

verse 1: 

D      D/F#    Gsus2 
Jesus, keep me near the cross 
D                A6sus4  A7 
There a precious fountain 
D       D/F#   Gsus2 
Free to all, a healing stream 
A6sus4               A7  D 
Flows from Calvary?s mountain 

D Gsus2 In the cross, in the cross D A6sus4 A7 Be my glory ever D F# Gsus2 Till my raptured soul shall find A6sus4 A7 D Rest beyond the river
verse 2: D D/F# Gsus2 Near the cross! O Lamb of God D A6sus4 A7 Bring its scenes before me D D/F# Gsus2 Help me walk from day to day A6sus4 A7 D With its shadows o'er me (REPEAT Chorus) verse 3: D D/F# Gsus2 Near the cross I'll watch and wait D A6sus4 A7 Hoping, trusting ever D D/F# Gsus2 Till I reach the golden strand A6sus4 A7 D Just beyond the river (REPEAT Chorus)

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