Fall Out Boy

Alpha Dog(Chords)

Fall Out Boy

Key: Am

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    Am            G 
Clap until your hands hurt 
      F                G 
Standing ovations or B-B-B-boos 
   Am            F 
Wa-watch until we blur 
    G              E 
Walk off into the sunset 
   Am                    G 
Tell rock n' roll I'm alone again 
    F                       G 
I wanna put the Midwest home again 
Your time has passed 
They say 'never' means 'never' 
Solar flare stares won't last 
     G               Am          
But 'never' means 'forever' 
'Never' means 'forever' 

   Am          G            F   G 
Alpha dog and o-o-omegalomaniac-ac 
   Am          G        F 
Alpha dog and o-o-mega-megalo 
   Am          G 
Welcome to the new déjà vu 
   F                                      G 
I can almost see the wizard through the curtains 
   Am          G         F          
Alpha dog and o-o-omegalomaniac-ac.

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