Key: Dm

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Dm  C  G  Am7 
E        C               E          
pull the shades lock the door 
            Am      C   F 
somebody is looking for vovo 
                C        E 
she don't wanna come out today 
                 Am   C          F 
she would rather stay inside and play 
C              E 
all day she'll stay 
                Am       C      F 
holding all her children in her arms 
C         E 
away from harm 
it's all she ever wanted 
E                  D         E 
i was only just beginning to say 
                    D           E 
all the things that couldn't be said 
                   D        E   D 
then they come and take you away 
F             C 
i love you i love you 
G                Am   
i don't care who hears me 
F                C         G 
i know that it's uncool to sing it 
Am                 F        C 
it's just that i'm tired of trying 
G                 Am 
to find different ways to say that 
F            C 
i love you i love you 
G                 Am 
it's all that i'm feeling 
E       C                E    
someone please shed some light 
             Am       C     F 
where is the narrator in my life 
                 C               E 
maybe he doesn't know where i've fled 
                    Am   C     F 
running through the city in my head 
C      E 
i shed regret 
E                     D 
now i see the credits rolling 
the end 
                    D        E 
this movie can't be over not yet 
there's no happy ending no one said 
i love you

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