Watch The Sun Come Up(Chords)


Key: F

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Hey, good morning 
Hey, it's calling 
Hey, good morning, Watch the sun come up 
It's calling, I want another day with you 

How can I explain it scratchin my brain  
How can 10 hours feel like 10 years? 
I cry 10 men?s tears as it disappears 
With the passionate atmosphere 
Took your glove as a souvenir 
Lleft the other on the pillow as I stroked your ear 
One last breathe of your hair 
Stared for a second, then the doorway beckoned 
I?m a lover not a fighter 
So I didn?t fight the fact that I more than liked ya 
Didn?t matter we were under influence 
Made sense this was more than lust 
I don?t own you, you don?t own me 
One night only, if only 
I could take you back and just show you off 
But I guess if I did that, the magic is lost 


E F# G 
    Believe me I wanna stay 
E F# G 
    But I'm off and away 

D Hey, Good Morning Watch the sun come up G It?s calling I want another day with you D Hey, Good Morning Watch the sun come up G It?s calling I want just one more day with you
Verse 2: D You and that red dress - What a pairing I kept staring, you couldn?t have said less Cant let my head rest, thinking about ya, Really wanna look into your catwoman eyes G Turn back time, cause it flies by You know, them Marty mcfly vibes See, I can picture the bright lights Sights and night skies and boats go by D I don?t why it happened so fast When I tried to speak your language I'm happy you laughed Cause I?m hardly a linguist Spoke through kisses you didn?t speak English G And It was hard to distinguish Love at first sight or holiday romance? Don?t care I was lost in the moment I really shoulda missed that flight Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: E F# G I don?t think I could be dreaming I felt your touch E F# G No I remember you breathing when I woke up E F# G Now all I have are these memories I can't trust E F# G Just one day, wont be enough Chorus

Written by Elliot Gleave/Alex Smith

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