Evil Arrows


Evil Arrows

Key: D

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Dm Bb F C6 x2 

Verse 1:

D Rejection, I said Rejection C7 It is the only way to grow D You're so full, You know your'e so full C7 Of every useless thing that you needed to know
G But it's just making you slow Bb They caught you singing a lie E So start your waving goodbye G/A A/B Bb/C Don't let the manners attack when the body says I reject that! Intrumental Dm Bb F C6 Rejection! Dm Bb F C6 D

Verse 2:

D Rejection, The word?s rejection C7 And it's the closest thing to God D The mattress, It's in the mattress C7 You have to dig real deep with your back to the rod
G It's going to be rather odd Bb You'll have live with the pain E But without pain there's no brain G/A A/B Bb/C And without brain there's no shouting the proper refrain: Reject that! Intrumental Dm Bb F C6 Rejection! Dm Bb F C6 Dm G D C7 G Bb E G/A A/B Bb/C Outro Dm Bb F C6 x2 Dm Bb F I throw it away, I thorow it away C6 I throw it away: Rejection! (Fade Out)

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