Key: C

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Intro: C D Em 
Em                   D			     C D 
The pain that grips you the fear that binds you 
  B7	           Em          D 
Releases life in me in our mutual 
               C                             D 
Shame HIDE OUR EYES to blind them from the truth 
              B7             Em 
That finds a way from who we are 
Please don't be afraid when the darkness fades away 
The dawn will break the silence screaming in our hearts 
My love for you still grows this I do for you 
Before I try to fight the truth my final time 
C                   D 
Can't wash it all away 
Can't wish it all away 
C                  Bm 
Can't cry it all away 
Can't scratch it all away 
Lying beside you listening to you breathe 
The life that flows inside of you 
Burns inside of me hold and speak to me 
Of love without a sound tell me you 
Will live through this 
And I will die for you cast me not away 
Say you'll be with me for I know 
I cannot bear it all alone 
Can't fight it all away 
Can't hope it all away 
Can't scream it all away 
It just won't fade away, No 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 


Written by Ben Moody

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