Key: C

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	        C                Em  
I can't run anymore,  
Em             Am  
I fall before you,  
Am      F  
Here I am,  
F       G  
I have no-thing left,  
C                        Em  
Though I've tried to forget,  
Em                Am  
You're all that I am,  
Am         F  
Take me home,  
F           G  
I'm through fi-ghting it,  

(Os msm acordes)  
I give up,  
You're my only strength,  
Without you,  
I can't go on,  
Ever again.  

C         Em  
My only hope,  
(All the times I've tried)  
Em          F   
My only peace,  
(To walk away from you)  
F         G  
My only joy,  
G              C  
My only strength,  
(I fall into your abounding grace)  
C          Em  
My only power,  
Em         F  
My only life,  
(And love is where I am)  
F          G            G  
My only love.  

C                Em  
I can't run anymore,  
Em                Am  
I give myself to you,  
Am      F  
I'm sorry,  
I'm sorry,  

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Written by Amy Lee / Ben Moody / David Hodges

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