Key: Em

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	        'O inicio da musica segue apenas com o instrumental do requiem do mozart' 
Out on your own  
Cold and alone again  
Can this be  
what you really wanted, baby?  
 Em   B7           Em    B7 
        Blame it on me. 
                Em    B7 
set your guilt free  
            Em         B7 
nothing can hold you back now 
Em               B7 
Now that you're gone 
Em               B7  
I feel like myself again 
Em             B7             Em     
Grieving the things I can't repair  
C    B7 
and willing ...  
Em   B7                   Em     B7   
    to let you blame it on me  
                     Em    B7 
and set your guilt free  
                 C         B7      Em  
I don't want to hold you back now love  
Em          C          Em 
I can't change who I am  
Em                             C 
not this time, I wont lie to keep you near me  
        Em                                          C 
and in this short life, there's no time to waste on You 
B7              Em        B7 
my love wasn't enough  
                         Em    B7 
And you can blame it on me 
                        Em      B7 
Just set your guilt free, honey  
                 C        B7       Em 
I don't want to hold you back now love. 
Em B7 C 


Written by Evanescence

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