Give Unto Me(Chords)


Key: Cm7

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I've been watching you from a distance 
The distance sees through your disguise 
All I want from you is your hurting 
I want to heal you 
		     Cm7/Bb G#7M G7 Cm7(9) 
I want to save you from the dark 
B/D#       G7       C7(4) Cm7 Cm7(9) C7(4) Cm7 Cm7(9) 
Give unto me your troubles 
G#7M    G7       Cm7 
I'll endure your suffering 
B/D#       G7       Cm7 
Place onto me your burden 
G#7M             G7    Cm7 
I'll drink your deadly poison 
Why should I care if they hurt you 
Somehow it matters more to me 
Than if I were hurting myself 
Save you (save you) 
I'll save you fear not the flame of my love's candle 
Solo: C C9 Am7 A7(4) F7M G7 C C9 Am7 A7(4) G#7M G7 C Am7 G#7M G7(4) G7 
      Cm7 G#7M G7 Cm7 G#7M G7 Cm7 
G#7M           G7               Cm7 
Fear not the flame of my love's candle 
G#7M           G7                  Cm7 
Let it be the sun in your world of darkness 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 


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