Eric Church

Dark Side(Chords)

Eric Church

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Key: D
Drop D 

(D) Over there in the shadows, hangin' out in the corner of my mind 
(G) Stringing up the gallows, waiting for me to cross that (D) line 
That man's (A) dangerous as hell, a threat to himself, if (G) he got out there'd be hell  
to pay. 
(D) And that's why, my (A) dark side, (G) don't ever (A) see the light of (D) day. 

(D) I've slowed down on the whiskey, 'cause there always comes a point 
(G) When I've had too many, tear down every wall in that (D) joint 
I've (A) got a wife, I've got a son, that don't know half the stuff I've done, (G) and I  
pray that's the way that it stays 
(D) And that's why, my (A) dark side,(G) don't ever (A) see the light of (D) day 

You can (Bm) blame it on the (A) rebel raisin', you can (G) blame it on the (D) South 
You can (Bm) blame it on the (A) words I try to (G) keep here in my (A) mouth 
It (Bm) takes a lot to (A) start me up, but (G) once that hammer (A) drops 
(G) Boy you don't wanna be the one that tries to make me (A) stop 
Bm  A  G  G,    G  G  A 

(D) All you thugs and ugly mugs dealing drugs and making noise 
(D) You can kill each other all you want but if you (A) touch my little boy 
(D) You'll be beggin' for this bullet will be the last thing that you see 
(D) Before I let my (C) dark side (C/B) (A)? Come out to play. 
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