Natures law(Chords)


Key: Em
1st Verse 
Em                   C                           D . 
i tried to fight the feeling the feeling took me down 
Bridge                                                                      F           Em 
Every day i fight these feelings  
D                    Em 
For your sake i will hide the real thing 
Em / C / D  then same as   1st verse  Em / C / D / 
then for the middle it's 
G                       D 
i wrote her letters and tried to send them 
Am               Em     D     G                         D 
in a bottle i placed my hope, and it's the last will of good intentions 
Am              Em                     D             Am        Em 
Seek your will, you'll give it to me , Don't make me wait 
                      G          D                   Am        Em 
you build me up , now take down, But i will stand my ground, 
                          G         D 
And i'm inspired when i'm found 
Then a light strum  which is Em / C / D 
Then the Chorus to fade which again is  Em / C / D. 

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