Drawn from memory(Chords)


Key: F#m
F#m Gmaj7 A (2 bars) 
Verse Intro: 
D  Gmaj7  F#m  A  Gmaj7 F#m A 
D                      Gmaj7 
I can see a time where I 
              F#m         A 
Won't be able to feel the pain no more 
    Gmaj7      Em                  D 
And I_____ can leave this town for other shores 
subsequent verses replace final D with A and the Em with F#m 
where it fits. 
The basic pattern is the same though. 
Saying all they have is, drawn from memory Gmaj7 F#m Gmaj7 D I've got you and tomorrow Gmaj7 F#m A etc, end on A.
By Syd Barret una gran balada, bien Embrace, marcada por una gran instrumentacion y por una muy buena voz i hope you like it!

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