Elvis Presley

Us Male(Chords)

Elvis Presley

Key: G

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Capo on 1st fret

Capo on 1 

G               Am 
I'm a U.S. Male cause I was born 
D7                    G 
In a Mississippi town on a Sunday morn 
G                       Am 
Now Mississippi just happens to occupy a place 
D7                                       G 
In the southeastern portion of this here United States 

Now that's a matter of fact buddy 
And you know it well 
D7                             G 
So I just call myself the U.S. Male 
That's M-A-L-E son that's me 

G                      Am 
Now I said all that to say all this 
D7                                G 
I've been watching the way you've been watching my miss 
G7                                C 
For the last three weeks you been hot on her trail 
D7                            G 
And you kinda upset this U.S. Male 

You touch her once with your greasy hands 
D7                                 G 
I'm gonna stretch your neck like a long rubber band 
G                          Am 
She's wearing a ring that I bought her on sale 
D7                                           G 
And that makes her the property of this U.S. Male 

    C                                     G 
You better not mess with the U.S. Male my friend 
    C                                    G 
The U.S. Male gets mad he's gonna do you in 
    C                        G 
You know what's good for yourself son 
           C             G 
You better find somebody else son 
      Am                    D7             G 
Don't tamper with the property of the U.S. Male 

Through the rain and the heat and the sleet and the snow 
D7                      G 
The U.S. Male is on his toes 
G                         Am 
Quit watching my woman for that ain't wise 
D7                                        G 
You ain't pulling no wool over this boy's eyes 

I catch you round my woman champ 
D7                                  G 
I'm gonna leave your head about the shape of a stamp 
G                     Am 
Kinda flattened out so you'll do well 
D7                                   G 
To quit playing games with this U.S. Male 

Sock it to me one time 

All right now   I'm gonna tell it like it is son 

I catch you messing round with that woman of mine 

I'm gonna lay one on ya you're talking to the U.S. Male 

The American U.S. Male

Written by Jerry Reed Hubbard

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