Elvis Presley

They Remind Me Too Much Of You(Chords)

Elvis Presley

Key: Ab

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	        They Remind Me Too Much of You:Elvis Presley. 
Flip side of 'One Broken Heart For Sale' - 
#12 on BB Hot 100 on RCA Records in 1963. 

Intro: Ab 

Ab                      Db 
Take away, the scent of flowers..cover up,  
the sky of blue. 
Gb               Db          Ab 
Close my ears to tender love songs, they  
remind me too much of you. 

Db   Ebm   Gb           Db 
Hide young lover's warm embraces..keep stars  
and moonlight from my view. 
Ebm                           Ab 
Let me forget, there are such places, they  
       Gb     Ab      Db 
remind me too much of you. 

Db              B  Gb      D   Gb        Ab 
Must I evermore be haunted.....day after day, my  
           Db      Ab Db 
whole life through? 
F      Gm7 D           Fm Ab    Bbm    Eb 
By the mem-ory of each mo-ment, that I spent  
           Ab   Fm Ab 
alone with you? 

Db Eb    Ebm  Gb        Eb    Db 
If these love-ly things don't hurt you..our love  
just wasn't meant to be. 
           Ab                  Db 
But please come back to me, my darling, if they  
Ab                   Gb Db 
remind you, too much of me. 

Db         Gb   Db    B       Db 
Ebm        Db         B        Db 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

Written by Don Robertson/Leith Stevens

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