Elvis Presley

The Girl I Never Loved(Chords)

Elvis Presley

Key: C

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	        (intro) C 

       C                              Dm                 G 
The girl I never loved will never know I cared, 
       C                        Em    A          Dm                       G 
and all my dreams of her         are dreams I'll never share. 
         C                     E                     Am                          D 
For I want her and I need her and I know it might have been, 
        C                   Dm                   G       G7 
but it ended long before it could begin. 

      C                               Dm                 G 
The kiss I never got somebody else will take, 
         C                  Em     A           Dm                   G 
the plans I never made        somebody else will make. 
          C                    E                        Am                    D 
Oh I'm lonely, I'm so lonely 'cause it's her I'm thinking of, 
              C                   Dm              G           G7 
but she'll always be the girl I never loved. 
       G# C 
Never loved, never loved

Written by Randy Starr

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