Elvis Presley

Tender Feeling(Chords)

Elvis Presley

Key: D

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	        Intro: D, C x2 

verse 1  
  D            Bm          D 
I can't conceal  the tender feeling 
         G                F#m 
Now that you are close to me 
  Bm               A      G        A 
I look at you with tender feeling 
    Bm    F#m      G       A       D 
And can't help but kiss you tenderly 

D, C x2 

verse 2 
  D        Bm         D 
I offer you  a true devotion 
         G                 F#m 
All life through my love I vow 
    Bm                 A      G       A 
For this is real, this sweet emotion 
     Bm  F#m G      A      D     D7 
This tender  feeling I have now 

G F#m Somehow I knew from the moment our lips first met G Bm E A A7 You'd be the girl I could never forget
verse 3 D Bm D No other love could be appealing G F#m I loved you right from the start Bm A G A And with each kiss I'll keep revealing Bm F#m G A D C The tender feeling in my heart END WITH D, C x2 then ending chord is D

Written by Bernie Baum/Bill Giant/Florence Kaye

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