Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley

Key: D

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	        DHoly smoke, a land sakes alive! I never thought this could happen to me.
DMm, yeah! Mm, yeah! 
DI got stung by a sweet honey bee, oh, what a feeling come over me.
It G7started in my eyes, crept up to my head,
Dflew to my heart, 'till I was stung dead.
I'm doneA7, uh-uhG7,
I got Dstung!

DMm, yeah! Mm, yeah!
DShe had all that I wanted and more and I've seen honey bees before.
Started G7buzzin' in my ear, buzzin' in my brain,
got Dstung all over but I feel no pain.
I'm doneA7, uh-uhG7,
I got Dstung!D7

Now, Gdon't think I'm comDplainin', I'm A7mighty pleased we Dmet,
'Cause you gimme just Gone little peck on the back of my neck,
And A7I break out in a cold cold sweat.
A7If I Dlive to a hundred and two, I won't let Dnobody sting me but you
I'll be Gbuzzin' 'round your hive, ev'ry G7day at five,
and I'm Dnever gonna leave once I arrive,
'cause I'm doneA7, uh-uhG#7, 
I got DstungG7!D

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