Elvis Presley

She's Not You(Chords)

Elvis Presley

Key: F

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(tacet)      F                               C7 
Her hair is soft...and her eyes are, oh so blue._____ 
C                Bb                C7                 F 
She's all the things a girl should be, but shes not you._____  

C7               F                                C7        
She knows just how to make me laugh when i feel blue.____ 
C                Bb                 C7                F      Bb    F 
She's all the things, a man could want, but shes not you.___________ 
A7 F Bb and when we're dan - cing, it almost feels the same. A7 (tacet) C7 I've got to stop myself from, Whis-p'ring your name.
Verse (tacet) F C7 She even kisses me the way you used to do.______ C Bb C7 F and it's just breaking my heart, 'cause shes not you._______ Repeat first verse then on the you____, go F Bb F You.______________________

Written by Jerry Leiber/Doc Pomus/Mike Stoller

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