Elvis Presley

Playing For Keeps(Chords)

Elvis Presley

Key: C

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	        Playing For Keeps:Elvis Presley. 
Flip side of 'Too Much' on RCA 
Records in 1957. 

Intro: C Eb Ebm C 

C           G       Am7 C 
I have been playing for keeps, this time  
it's real. 
               Dm7 C       D           G    
And I want you to  know, exactly how I feel. 

G                       C  Am7  C        G 
I have been playing for ke-eps, for sure this  
            Dm7 C      G       F           C 
And I won't be  happy, until I know you're mine. 

C     Dm7  C    F                          C 
There have been others, that could love me true. 
           Dm7 D                 Dm7      G 
But no one el--se, can thrill me like you do. 

G                       C          G        F 
I have been playing for keeps, oh, love me, too. 
                  C             G 
Oh, don't make me sorry, that I fell in love  
with you. 

    F         C 
(In love with you.) 

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.

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