Elvis Presley

Love Me Tonight(Chords)

Elvis Presley

Key: G

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G                                  G7                  C 
May this tenderness cling when the fire of spring is a memory 
        D7                                        G 
May you still be my own when a hundred years have flown 
                             G7           C 
But if it can't be give this moment to me while our dream is bright 
                    G          D7          G 
Put your sweet arms around me and love me tonight 

        D7                               G 
Love me tonight let me feel your lips on mine 
             Em                 A7                     D7 
And though I pray forever and a day I'll be possessing you 
                C        G                           G7 
I'll confess to you if I knew that our love would be gone 
With the stars in the dawn's gray light 
                             G        D7        G 
I'd still hold you close and whisper love me tonight

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