Elvis Presley

Five Sleepy Heads(Chords)

Elvis Presley

Key: C

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	        (intro) F C G C 

                    C                                                          G 
There were five sleepy heads all tucked into their beds, 
                                                 G7                       C 
while I sang a lullaby one got dream dust in her eye. 
                   F                  C                   G                 C 
There were four sleepy heads playing possum with me, 
        F                      C           D                         G 
Mr. Sandman came by and then there were three. 

                     C                                                           G 
Moonbeams play peek-a-boo, three awake became two, 
                                                               G7                         C 
and my song was almost done when the land of Nod took one. 
                  F                    C                   G               C 
Kissed the last one goodnight, then I heard not a peep, 
                F                 C                           G        G7 C        C G G7 C 
there were five sleepy heads, now they're all fast asleep.

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