Elvis Presley

Don't Leave Me Now(Chords)

Elvis Presley

Key: C

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	      C  	      C7    F 
Don't leave me now, now that I need you. 
             G7                               G7+   C       C#dim7 
How blue and lonely I'd be, if you should say we're through. 
G7             C           C7         F           
Don't break my heart, this heart that loves you. 
                G7                                     C   F7  C 
There'd just be nothing for me, if you should leave me now. 
C            F                               C    F7    C  
What good is dreaming, if I must dream all a lone by my self. 
            D7                                   G7 
Without you darlin', my dreams would just gather dust like a book on a shelf. 
                C          C7      F 
Come fill these arms, that long to hold you. 
                 G7                                     C   F7 C 
Don't close your eyes to my plea, oh don't you leave me now.

Written by Aarron Schroeder/Balewa Muhammad/Ben Weisman/Holly Knight/ N. Hills

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