Elvis Presley

Change Of Habit(Chords)

Elvis Presley

Key: C

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G              Em      G               Em 
If your in old habits, set in your old ways 
Am       D7 
Changes are accoming, and these are changing days 
and if you head is in the sand 
      C                Cm 
while things are going on 

Cm        bm    Em      C 
what you need, what you need  
      D7       G     Em  G  D7 
is a change of habit 

If you're in the habit, let your temper Fly 
when you talk to people who don't see eye to eye 
and if you don't believe there's a newer world ahead 
what you need, what you need  
is a change of habit 
G           F                  G 
a change of habit, a change of outlook 
             C              G 
a change of heart you'll be alright 
             F                        G 
the halls of darkness, our souls will open 
            C               D7 
it's never late to see the liGht 

If your in de habit of putting people down 
Just because they're different  
or from the wrong siDe oF town 
Well don'tccount on any medals son, 
they're all pining down on you 
what you need, what you need  
is a change of habit

Written by Ben Weisman, Bud Powell, Buddy Haye, Holly Knight e Louis Winding

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